In-The -Ear type Earspeaker susytem
SR-303 Classic
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From the company that pioneered electrostatic headphones as early as 1960.
Stax now introduce the Mark 2 version of the SR-001 system featuring:
Extremely comfortable lightweight soft tipped pads for inner ear comfort and extended bass response.
Even lighter diaphragm reduced from 2.5 micron thickness to a remarkable 1.5 micron resulting in further resolution, transparency and purer listening pleasure.
The Stax SR-001MK2 is lightweight and presents the listener on the move with the renowned Stax sound.
The SRM-001 driver unit completes with two AA batteries intact weighs only 140 grams and unobtrusively into any convenient pocket.
The Stax SR-001MK2 system connects directly to any portable CD, DAT or Mini Disc player even the traditional Walkman or portable radio. The dedicated SRM-001 driver unit gives up to five hours listening depending on battery conditions and use. A standard AC adaptor 4.5V 300 MA will allow the SRM-001MK2 to connect to the mains. Please contact your Stax Dealer.
Stax are confident that the SR-001MK2 In-The-Earspeaker System will provide every listener with satisfaction and Stax unsurpassed sonic superiority.

S-001MK2 (Earspeakers Part)
1. Type
Electrostatic canal type In-The-Earspeakers, push-pull driving
2. Frequency Response 20-1kHz ±2dB, 1kHz-20kHz ±4dB
3. Capacitance 44pF with cable, 17pF without cable
4. Impedance 360K ohms/10kHz
5. Sensitivity 111dB/100Vr.m.s. /1kHz
6. Maximum Sound Pressure level 119dB/1kHz
7. Standard Bias Voltage 580VDC
8. Pad(Fitting Rubber) Made of silicon rubber (2 sizes, M and L)
9. Cable 6-core parallel/1.5m
10.Weight and Size
28g with cable
12g without cable, 28mm diameter
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

SRM-001 (Driver Unit Part)
1. Frequency Response
5-20kHz +4dB,
-3dB(10V r.m.s. output driving 1 : S-001MK2
2. Gain 54dB
3. Harmonic Distortion
0.1% (1kHz/100V r.m.s.
output driving 1 : S-001 MK2)
4. Input Impedance 10k ohms
5. Standard Input Level 100mV for 50V output
6. Maximum Output Voltage 240V r.m.s./1kHz
7. Power Consumption
1.3W/4.5V (AC/DC Adaptor Operation),
0.8W/3V (battery operation)
7. Size 60mm(W)×24mmm(H)×120mm(D)
9. Weight
102g without battery
140g with standard dry cell batteries
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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