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SR-003 Photo

The Stax SR-003 is the home audio version of the S-001MK2 In-The-Earspeakers with a 5-pin plug connection suitable for any Stax driver unit or adaptor with "Pro" capability.
Extremely comfortable lightweight soft tipped pads for inner ear comfort and extended bass response.
Even lighter diaphragm reduced from 2.5 micron thickness to a remarkable 1.5micron resulting in further resolution, transparency and purer listening pleasure.
As the SR-003 is In-The-Ear type Earspeakers, comfort is enhanced leaving the ears clear of all external restrictions and perspiration that may result from heavy earpad types.
Stax are confident that the SR-003 In-The-Earspeakers will provide every listener with satisfaction and Stax unsurpassed sonic superiority.
1.Type Electrostatic canal type In-The-Earspeakers, push-pull driving
2.Frequency Response 20-1kHz ±2dB, 1kHz-20kHz ±4dB
3.Capacitance 44pF with cable, 17pF without cable
4.Impedance 360K ohms/10kHz
5.Sensitivity 111dB/100Vr.m.s. /1kHz
6.Maximum Sound Pressure level 119dB/1kHz
7.Standard Bias Voltage 580V
8.Pad(Fitting Rubber) Made of silicon rubber (2 sizes, M and L)
9.Cable 6-core parallel/1.5m
10.Weight and Size 28g with cable
12g without cable, 28mm diameter
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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