Open Air type Earspeaker
SR-303 Classic
SR-303 Classic Photo

Diaphragm material reduced to a thickness of Only 1.35
Featuring the same element material as the SR-404, the Stax SR-303 is a startling innovation in a more affordable earspeaker package. The sound is both refined yet powerful and the unit comes complete with a low capacitance standard PC-OCC cable to allow the Stax SR-303 earspeakers to attain their full sonic potential.

Specifications of SR-303 Headphone
Type : Electrostatic/Open back/Push-pull driving
Frequency Range : 7-41,000Hz
Capacitance, including cable : 120pF
Sound Pressure Level : 100dB/100V r.m.s.
Cable : Low Capacitance PC-OCC Conductor
Earpad : High quality artificial Leather
Weight, including cable : 472g, without cable : 300g
Operation Temperature : 0-35 Degree
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