Headphone style Driver Unit : SRM-310
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■ Features 

Earspeakers provide the standards by which audio quality is judged. It's the driver unit that underpins this quality, and this unit has now evolved into an appropriately shaped stand form. The new SRM-310 driver unit is now available! The circuit configuration takes over the pure-balance, A Class, all-stage DC amplifier configuration developed by STAX in the past to drive our electrostatic earspeakers. An ideal balance amplifier configuration has been realized at the input stage, and the input coupling condenser has been done away with by adopting a low-noise FET input high-quality sound operational amplifier. The output stage consists of a simple inverting amplifier based on low-noise FETs and high voltage transistors.
The balance circuits which are often incorporated into high-end pure audio amplifiers are operated on a push-pull basis by two electrodes. This makes it possible to hear the original sound in its pristine state thanks to the electrostatic method that drives the diaphragm. The power section supporting this ideal configuration incorporates a unique, stabilization power source, which regulates any unevenness in the power supply and a fluctuation in the bias voltage and realizes clear sound quality.
Equipped with a parallel output terminal which passes the input signal and enables connection to another amplifier. This assures functional operability enabling you to enjoy listening as you wish with either earspeakers and loudspeakers.
●A push-pull signal is obtained by low-noise FET input OP Amp, for ICL input.
The output stage consists of a simple inverting amplifier based on low-noise FETs and high voltage transistors.
●The SRM-310 adopted the regulated power for clear sound in bias voltage and power supply.
●Attachment of parallel input and output terminals make with connection to an amplifier for loudspeaker and earspeakers.

■ Specifications
●Frequency response: 4-60KHz +0, -3dB SR-202 load
●Rated input level: 200 mV with 100V output
●Maximum input level 30 V r.m.s. with volume at minimum setting
●Amplification: 54 dB (x500)
●Total harmonic distortion max. 0.02% (1 kHz / during 100 V r.m.s. outputSR-202 load ) 
●Input impedance 70 kΩ (RCA) 
●Maximum output voltage: 350 V r.m.s. / 1 kHz 
●Standard bias voltage DC580 V (PRO bias)
●Power voltage AC120V-240V ± 10%, 50 to 60 Hz. (Adjusted for your area)
●Power consumption 10 W
●Temperature range for use Between 0º and 35ºC, max. 90% (no condensation)
●External dimensions 85(W) Bottom 130×275(H) ×130(D) mm
●Weight 1.7 Kg
Specifications and external appearance may be changed without notice in order to improve performance.

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