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What is "Earspeaker"?
Welcome to home page of an export product of STAX!
Welcome to the high-end headphone world presented by STAX electrostatic earspeaker!

You are here at hi-fi audio brand STAX web site.
Ear speakers are not affected by room acoustics offering your own private listening room at any time.
Please do experience the electrostatic earspeaker world by yourself.
We release new products.

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( 2-May 2017 update)
Products History
This Web site is for STAX electrostatic type headphones.
Welcome to our world!

We abolished E-mail address "", printed in a brochure.
If you have any questions, please contact a distributor of the country where you get easy access.

Please find the following label for your area.
It is attached on packing box of an authorized product.

The following "warranty card" is valid for Japanese market only.
This product does not have warranty abroad.
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